Chitosan/PVA/Starch ternary film with Ilex paraguariensis hydroalcoholic extract as antimicrobial active package for chilly beef


Active packages are a type of package that changes the atmosphere conditions that surround the food to prolong its shelf life, keeping sensory properties and its safety, as well as food quality. The present study reports the development of a ternary Chitosan/Starch/PVA active film with hydroalcoholic extract of Ilex paraguariensis in corporated as antimicrobial agent. Films were prepared by casting 40 mL of 2% starch solution, 40 mL of 1% PVA solution and 20 mL of 1% chitosan solution on petri dishes, 1g of dry Ilex paraguariensis extract was also incorporated into film forming solution. After dried, active films were subjected to antimicrobial and mechanical tests. The mechanical properties showed good values, while swelling index stabilized at 750%. Red meat samples of 2.5 g previously contaminated with S. aureus were wrapped with both commercial PVC as control and with the active film. The effectiveness of the active film was proven by the higher counting of bacterial colonies in the control film than in the developed film on the order of two logarithms cycles. The produced ternary film has good mechanical and microbiological effectiveness.

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