Chemical Education

From Battery Manufacturing to Smart Grids: Towards a Metaverse for the Energy Sciences



We present two digital-based serious games aiming to engage students and the general public with battery sciences. The first one is a multiscale simulator in Mixed Reality of a battery-powered Electric Vehicle (EV) interacting with an Electrical Grid. One of the players drives the EV in a Virtual Reality (VR) environment where the EV can be recharged, and the other players control the electricity produced, distributed, consumed and stored by interacting with 3D-printed devices. The second serious game is a digital twin of a lithium ion battery manufacturing pilot line, which can be played from an Internet Browser or by using VR hardware. The key steps of the manufacturing process of cylindrical cells are represented in an interactive way. We discuss our games working principles, their implications for motivation, engagement and learning, and why they pave the way towards new ways of collaborative R&D in the battery field.


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