Chemical Education

Significance of Suitable Analogy Usage to Explain Challenging Theories in Chemistry and Other Fields of Science


  • faiz ahmed Department of Chemistry, Government College University Faisalabad, 38000 Faisalabad, Pakistan.


<p>In elementary chemistry courses students often demonstrate difficulty with real understanding of Resonance Theory i.e. canonical structure vs. real molecule difference, so unanswered puerile questions during lecture made the subject boring. Particularly students unable to understand the difference between a real microscopic moiety and it’s proposed sketch or model at early stages of their learning. In such situations use of suitable analogy other than the subject area make the teaching more effective. Using an analogy from the daily life act as a powerful tool to explain curious questions efficiently to develop the interest of the students in subject. Sharing of personal experiences and analogies among scientific community is an effective way to spread scientific knowledge magnificently.<br /></p>

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