Accessing Chemo- and Regioselective Benzylic and Aromatic Oxidations by Protein Engineering of an Unspecific Peroxygenase



Unspecific peroxygenases (UPOs) enable oxyfunctionalisations of a broad substrate range with unparalleled activities. Tailoring these enzymes for chemo- and regioselective transformations represents a grand challenge due to the difficulties in their heterologous productions. Herein, we performed a protein engineering in S. cerevisiae with the novel MthUPO. Experimental approaches were combined with computational modelling resulting in the screening of more than 5,300 transformants. This protein engineering led to a significant reshaping of the active site as elucidated by molecular dynamics. The kcat/Km was improved by 16.5-fold. Variants were identified with high chemo- and regioselectivities in the oxyfunctionalisation of aromatic and benzylic carbons, respectively. The benzylic hydroxylation was demonstrated to perform with excellent enantioselectivities of 95 % ee. Additionally, the first reported effective exchange of the conserved catalytic Glu residue was observed.


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