Electrochemically Induced In-Situ Generated Co(OH)2 Nanoplates to Promote the Volmer Process Toward Efficient Alkaline Hydrogen Evolution Reaction



Hydrogen production via alkaline water electrolysis is of significant interest. However, the additional water dissociation step makes the Volmer step a relatively more sluggish kinetics and consequently leads to a slower reaction rate than that in acidic solution. Herein, we demonstrate an effective strategy that Co(OH)2 can promote the Volmer process by accelerating water dissociation and enhance the electrocatalytic performance of CoP toward alkaline hydrogen evolution reaction. The Co(OH)2 nanoplates are electrochemically induced in-situ generated to form a nanotree-like structure with porous CoP nanowires, endowing the hybrid electrocatalyst with superior charge transportation, more exposed active sites, and enhanced reaction kinetics. This strategy may be extended to other phosphides and chalcogenides and provide insight into the design and fabrication of efficient alkaline HER catalysts.


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