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Macroporous Poly(norbornadiene) is a Fast Oxygen Scavenger Material at Room Temperature

Christian Slugovc Graz University of Technology


Emulsion templated norbornadiene is cured via ROMP yielding macroporous poly(norbornadiene)foams of 76% porosity exhibiting appealing stiffness combined with considerable ductility. The foams are readily oxidized in the presence of air at room temperature exhibiting an oxygen uptake capacity of more than 300 mg O2/g foam. In closed volumes of air a final oxygen level of a maximum of 5 ppm can be achieved after several hours at room temperature. The synergism of the porous morphology and the chemical nature of the polymer allows for the first example of a purely organic oxygen scavenger material with properties distinctly surpassing the state-of-the art in the field.

Version notes

This version includes minor changes in the text and discussion of the oxygen scavenging behavior of the foam prepared with Span 80 as the surfactant (thanks to S. Kovacic for initiating these changes). Further a 2nd toc figure has been added.


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