Attacking COVID-19 Progression using Multi-Drug Therapy for Synergetic Target Engagement

We are presenting our on going studies with inhibitory research on Tmprss2, S-protein:Ace2, and 3CLpro using compound screening coupled with X-ray crystallography, molecular modeling, live virus screening using host human cells (BSL3 facility at UC Center for Infectious Disease and Vector Research, and organ-on-a-chip at Harvard Medical School for safety profiling before proceeding to animal models with InVivo BioSystems for ADMET.
We have derived a useful chemical toolkit of 350 compounds for the community to study with biochemical assays and other biophysical-chemical studies that will prove useful in searching for optimal inhibitors of these targets to find suitable pharmacophores for blocking each of these enzyme's activities -- that would be beneficial for human health. Our past successes with these methodologies have resulted in over 28 patents, 11 technologies and two startup companies.