Poster Session with Peer Grading

Scientific article reading is an important competence for undergraduate students in sciences. To help acquire this skill we chose to propose students a poster session with peer evaluation.

Students are grouped in teams to which subjects are assigned. Each team prepares a poster during the semester and prints it before the exam. Students then enter a rotation system in which they alternatively present their poster to their peers and one teacher, or evaluate the posters of other groups. Each session is composed of a presentation, questions and evaluation. The evaluation is performed both by the teachers and the peers. Students are also evaluated for their ability to evaluate their peers, comparing their evaluations to those performed by others (teachers and/or peers). The evaluation is normalised thanks to a dedicated evaluation grid.

After 2 years of manual management, the need to scale up our approach to larger cohorts of students lead to the development of a digital system. This article details our motives and method/protocol. Finally observations, limits and improvements are reported.