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Kinetic Modeling of Ammonia Decomposition at CVD Conditions

submitted on 02.06.2020, 08:15 and posted on 03.06.2020, 07:14 by Karl Rönnby, Henrik Pedersen, Lars Ojamäe
Kinetic modeling has been used to study the decomposition chemistry of ammonia at a wide range of temperatures, pressures, concentrations, and carrier gases mimicking the conditions in chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of metal nitrides. The modeling show that only a small fraction of the ammonia molecules will decompose at most conditions studied. This suggests that the high NH3 to metal ratios often employed in CVD is due to the very low amount of reactive decomposition products rather than due to rapid decomposition of ammonia into stable dinitrogen and dihydrogen as suggested by purely thermodynamic models.


This project was funded by the Swedish foundation for Strategic Research through the project “Time-resolved low temperature CVD for III-nitrides” (SSF-RMA 15-0018). L.O. acknowledges financial support from the Swedish Government Strategic Research Area in Materials Science on Functional Materials at Linköping University (Faculty Grant SFO Mat LiU no. 2009 00971).


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