A Dual Sensor for Biogenic Amines and Oxygen Based on Genipin Immobilized in Edible Calcium Alginate Gel Beads

2020-05-07T10:57:02Z (GMT) by Ian Mallov Fiona Jeeva Chris Caputo
Food is often wasted due to real or perceived concerns about preservation and shelf life. Thus, precise, accurate and consumer-friendly methods of indicating whether food is safe for consumers are drawing great interest. The colorimetric sensing of biogenic amines released as food degrades is a potential way of determining the quality of the food. Herein, we report the use of genipin, a naturally occurring iridoid, as a dual colorimetric sensor for both oxygen and biogenic amines. Immobilization of genipin in edible calcium alginate beads demonstrates that it is a capable sensor for amine vapors and can be immobilized in a non-toxic, food-friendly matrix.