Graphene oxide in palladium nanoparticle (GrafeoPlad): a new class of catalytic materials for heterogeneous catalysis


By encapsulating graphene oxide in palladium metal nanoparticles and reporting the first application of the resulting metal-organic alloys to nitrobenzene hydrogenation with hydrazine at room temperature, we introduce a completely new class of catalytic materials dubbed herein “GrafeoPlad” for designing platinum-group metals doped with 3D entrapped graphene oxide. This new class of hybrid materials opens practically relevant new perspectives in many areas of today’s catalysis science and technology.


Supplementary weblinks

GrafeoPlad preparation
Brief video displaying the GrafeoPlad synthetic route
TEM photographs of GrafeoPlad and Pd/C prior and after usage
High resolution TEM photographs of GrafeoPlad and commercial Pd/C catalyst prior and after use in nitrobenzene hydrogenation with hydrazine.