Autonomous, multi-property-driven molecular discovery: from predictions to measurements and back


A closed-loop, autonomous molecular discovery platform driven by integrated machine learning tools was developed to accelerate the design of molecules with desired properties. Two case studies are demonstrated on dye-like molecules, targeting absorption wavelength, lipophilicity, and photo-oxidative stability. In the first, the platform experimentally realized 312 unreported molecules across three automatic iterations of molecular design-make-test-analyze cycles while exploring the structure–function space of four rarely reported scaffolds. In each iteration, the property-prediction models which guided the exploration learned the structure–property space of diverse inexpensive scaffold derivatives realized through using multi-step syntheses. Conversely, the second study exploited property models trained on a chemical space with pre-existing examples to discover 6 top-performing molecules within the structure-property space. By closing the molecular discovery cycle of prediction, synthesis, measurement, and model retraining, the platform demonstrates the potential for integrated platforms to automatically understand a local chemical space and discover functional molecules.


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