Desiccation Patterns of Particle Laden Salt Droplets


Drying of complex fluids leads to the formation of several intricate patterns where each component plays a unique role in determining the final dried morphologies. Salts are essential to body fluids (viz. blood, urine, saliva) and buffer solutions. Hence, understanding the sole effect of salts on the dried patterns of complex fluids has become imperative. In the present investigation, the exclusive effects of some commonly available salts on the final dried patterns of model solutions in the presence of polystyrene particles have been explored. Fascinating results have been observed as the sole presence of salts was found to alter the final dried patterns of the particle suspensions. To delve deeper into the physics of evaporation dynamics, a qualitative analysis has also been undertaken to estimate the predominant forces affecting the dried droplet morphologies. This investigation can serve as a baseline for understanding the underlying mechanisms involved during the drying of complex fluids to further aid in disease diagnosis.