Enhancement of CO2 adsorption on activated carbons produced from avocado seeds by combined solvothermal carbonization and thermal KOH activation


A new strategy for ultramicroporous activated carbons production from avocado seeds was developed. Combined solvothermal carbonization and thermal KOH activation was conducted. Solvothermal carbonizations were performed in a stainless-steel autoclave lined with Teflon at the temperature of 180oC for 12 hours in three different liquids (water, methanol, isopropyl alcohol). Chars were activated by KOH. The carbonization combined with activation took place in the oven at 850 oC for one hour. All the samples were very good CO2 sorbents. The highest CO2 adsorption at a pressure of 1 bar was achieved for activated carbon produced using isopropanol. The best carbon dioxide adsorption was equal to 6.47 mmol/g at 0oC and 4.35 mmol/g at 20 oC.