Studies About A biocompatible Maleimide-modified Dextran And Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel System


This article discussed a novel hydrogel, which was created through Michael addition. Two precursors dextran functionalized maleimide groups and hyaluronic acid functionalized thiol groups were designed, prepared, and characterized by NMR. The formed hydrogels were investigated by gelation time, swelling studies, viscoelastic properties, degradation rate. Based on gelation time observation, we detected that the hydrogel gelation time could be varied with diffident weight percentage of precursors. Based on previous research, we measured that 2% dextran with maleimide groups and 2% hydronic acid with thiol groups is the optimal formular for the biomedical application and this formular was also investigated by other studies. The swelling study indicated hydrogel has good flexibility and the degradation test indicated hydrogel is biodegradable. The viscoelastic test indicated hydrogel is elastic solid. From these studies, this a novel hydrogel could be potential for biomedical applications.