Amplifying Reactivity of Metal Hydrides: A Heterotrimetallic NiAl2(μ2-H)2 Catalyst for the Facile Dearomatization of N-Heterocycles



Identifying methods to modulate the reactivity of metal-hydrides are lacking yet highly desirable given the role they play in a plethora of catalytic applications. Herein we report novel methodology to amplify reactivity of metal hydrides through the design of well-defined heterometallic bridged hydride species. Catalytic hydroboration of quinolines was dramatically altered by the addition of a secondary metal to bridge the Al-hydride species LAlH. Specifically, the addition of Ni(COD)2 led to the formation of novel heterotrimetallic species 1 which features Ni participating in 3-center- bonding with sterically accessible Al-H species and exhibits catalytic hydroboration of sterically encumbered quinolines and approximately a 400 times enhancement in catalytic reactivity in comparison to LAlH.


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Experimental procedures and analytical data for all compounds, detailed kinetics and substrate scope experiments, NMR spectra, crystallographic data, and structure refinement summary
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