Breaking bonds and breaking rules: [(iPr3P)Ni]5H4 as the key intermediate in cooperative C-H activation and carbon atom abstraction from alkenes and catalytic stereospecific dimerization of norbornene



The facile carbon atom abstraction reaction by [(iPr3P)Ni]5H6 (1) with various terminal alkenes to give [(iPr3P)Ni]5H4(μ5-C) (2) occurs via a common highly reactive intermediate [(iPr3P)Ni]5H4 (3), which was isolated by the reaction of 1 with norbornene. Temperature dependent 1H and 31P{1H} NMR chemical shifts of 3 are consistent with a thermally populated triplet excited state only 2 kcal·mol–1 higher energy than the diamagnetic ground state. Complex 3 catalyzes the dimerization of norbornene to stereoselectively provide exclusively (Z) anti-(bis-2,2'-norbornylidene).


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