Analytical Chemistry

Soft Potato: an open source electrochemical simulator and toolkit



Here, I introduce Soft Potato, an open source electrochemical simulator and toolkit that contains typical electrochemical equations and simulations to aid researchers streamline their data analysis when dealing with large datasets. As examples, I show here how to use it to calculate steady state voltammograms from ultramicrodisc electrodes and obtain a calibration curve from the limiting current as a function of the redox species concentration. This example, showcases the use of the library, as well as the flexibility given by interfacing with third-party libraries to perform data analysis. The second example consists on simulating macroelectrode voltammograms with varying electron transfer rate constants to automate the simulations by iterating over any parameter. Overall, I believe this open source library can be of great help to the electrochemistry community to easily streamline data analysis and potentially obtain immediate feedback for following experiments.


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Supplementary material

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Python scripts used in the main manuscript.
Python scripts to reproduce the calculations shown in the main manuscript.

Supplementary weblinks

Soft Potato web
Web page of the Soft Potato project. It includes the documentation and instructions on the installation and use.
Softpotato Python library GitHub page
This is the GitHub repository of the library
Soft Potato Desktop application GitHub page
This is the GitHub repository of the Desktop application.