The Effect of Cation Exchange on the Pore Geometry of Zeolite L


Zeolites with the LTL framework topology are attractive materials for use in optoelectronics, gas adsorption and as chemical reactors. This is due to their unique, one-dimensional (1D) channel systems which are large enough to act as hosts for organic dye molecules and other guest materials. Here, we use high-resolution X-ray diffraction to show the effect of cation exchange on the pore geometry of LTL-type zeolites. The nature of the exchanging cation is shown to influence the free access diameter, volume and water content of the 12-ring (12R) channel systems. As such, cation exchange can be used to tune the molecular sieving and adsorption properties of LTL-type zeolites. This offers new possibilities for these materials in technologically relevant applications.