Earth, Space, and Environmental Chemistry

Life cycle assessment of the LimoFish process for the full valorization of anchovy fillet leftovers



AnchoisFert and AnchoiOil are a new organic fertilizer and a new whole fish oil obtained via the circular economy “LimoFish” process based on extraction of the oil from anchovy fillet leftovers with agro-solvent limonene followed by mild drying of the solid residue. We apply the Life Cycle Assessment methodology to evaluate the environmental burdens associated to production of AnchoisFert and AnchoisOil via the aforementioned process at laboratory and industrial scale. Furthermore, we compare the environmental sustainability of AnchoiFert production with conversion of the solid residue into biomethane to produce electricity. The study fills a gap in the literature concerning the environmental soundness of this new circular economy process. Its outcomes will be instrumental to inform its broad evaluation en route to scale-up and industrialization.


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