Three-Component Asymmetric Ni-Catalyzed 1,2-Dicarbofunctionalization of Unactivated Alkenes via Stereoselective Migratory Insertion



An asymmetric 1,2-dicarbofunctionalization of unactivated alkenes with aryl iodides and aryl/alkenylboronic esters under nickel/bioxazoline catalysis is disclosed. A wide array of aryl and alkenyl nucleophiles are tolerated, furnishing the products in good yield and with high enantioselectivity. In addition to terminal alkenes, 1,2-disubstituted internal alkenes participate in the reaction, establishing two contiguous stereocenters with high diastereoselectivity and moderate enantioselectivity. A combination of experimental and computational techniques shed light on the mechanism of the catalytic transformation, pointing to a closed-shell pathway with an enantiodetermining migratory insertion step, where stereoinduction arises from synergistic interactions between the sterically bulky achiral sulfonamide directing group and the hemilabile bidentate ligand.


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experimental and computational details, analytical data for new compounds, copies of NMR spectra and SFC chromatograms, X-ray crystallographic data
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