MoBioTools: A Toolkit to Setup QM/MM Calculations


We present a toolkit that allows for the preparation of QM/MM input files from a conformational ensemble of molecular geometries. The toolkit can be used in command line, so that no programming experience is required, although it presents some features that can also be employed as a python application programming interface. We apply the toolkit in four situations in which different electronic-structure properties of organic molecules in the presence of a solvent or a complex biological environment are computed: the reduction potential of the nucleobases in acetonitrile, an energy decomposition analysis of tyrosine interacting with water, the absorption spectrum of an azobenzene derivative integrated into a voltage-gated ion channel, and the absorption and emission spectra of the luciferine/luciferase complex. These examples show that the toolkit can be employed in a manifold of situations for both the electronic ground state and electronically excited states. It also allows for the automatic correction of the active space in the case of CASSCF calculations on an ensemble of geometries, as it is shown for the azobenzene derivative photoswitch case.