Review of Technical Criteria for High-Impact Battery Applications with Examples of Industry Performance



Six technical criteria { cell-level specific energy, cell-level specific power, cycle life, affordability, safety, and storage characteristics { are defined and discussed as applied to six high-impact battery applications: Electric vehicles, renewable energy, consumer electronics, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), medical, and military batteries. Sub-applications, additional criteria, and other applications are briefly discussed. Strengths and weaknesses of commercial and start-up technologies such as Panasonic nickel cobalt rechargeable (NCR), Altairnano lithium-titanate (LTO), Venom lithium-polymer (LiPo), Oxis Energy lithium-sulfur (Li-S), Polyplus lithium-oxygen (Li-O2), and Sion Power lithium-metal (Li-metal) batteries are given.


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