Red Orange and Bitter Orange IntegroPectin: Structure and Main Functional Compounds



DRIFT, HPLC-MS and SPME-GC/MS analyses used to unveil the structure and the main functional compounds of red (blood) orange (Citrus sinensis) and bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) IntegroPectin show evidence that these new citrus pectins are comprised of pectin rich in RG-I hairy regions functionalized with citrus biophenols, chiefly flavonoids, and volatile molecules, mostly terpenes. Remarkably, IntegroPectin from the peel of fresh bitter oranges is the first high methoxyl citrus pectin isolated so far via hydrodynamic cavitation, whereas red orange IntegroPectin is a low methoxyl pectin. C. aurantium IntegroPectin has a uniquely high concentration of adsorbed flavonoids, especially flavanone glycosides hesperidin, naringin and eriocitrin.