Organic Chemistry

A Co-conformationally “Topologically” Chiral Catenane



As recognized in the early 1960s, catenanes composed of two achiral rings that are oriented (Cnh symmetry) as a result of the sequence of atoms they contain are topologically chiral. Here we present the first synthesis of a highly enantioenriched catenane containing a related but overlooked “co-conformationally ‘topologically’ chiral” stereogenic unit, which arises when a bilaterally symmetric Cnv ring is desymmetrised by the position of an oriented macrocycle.


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Supporting information including characterisation data for all novel compounds and extended discussion
Thumbnail image of rac-(S,Smt)-3b.cif
cif for rac-(S,Smt)-3b
crystallographic data for rac-(S,Smt)-3b
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cif for rac-6
crystallographic data for rac-6
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cif for rac-9
crystallographic data for rac-9

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