Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Dispersion Corrected r2SCAN Based Global Hybrid Functionals: r2SCANh, r2SCAN0, and r2SCAN50



The re-regularized semilocal meta generalized gradient approximation (meta-GGA) exchange-correlation functional r2SCAN [J. W. Furness, A. D. Kaplan, J. Ning, J. P. Perdew, and J. Sun, J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 11, 8208–8215 (2020)] is used to create three global hybrid functionals with varying admixtures of Hartree–Fock ”exact” exchange (HFX). The resulting functionals r2SCANh (10% HFX), r2SCAN0 (25% HFX), and r2SCAN50 (50% HFX) are combined with the semi-classical D4 London dispersion correction. The new functionals are assessed for the calculation of molecular geometries, main-group, and metalorganic thermochemistry at 26 comprehensive benchmark sets. These include the extensive GMTKN55 database, ROST61, and IONPI19 sets. It is shown that a moderate admixture of HFX leads to relative improvements of the mean absolute deviations (MADs) for thermochemistry of 11% (r2SCANh-D4), 16% (r2SCAN0-D4), and 1% (r2SCAN50-D4) compared to the parental semi-local meta-GGA. For organometallic reaction energies and barriers, r2SCAN0-D4 yields an even larger mean improvement of 35%. The computation of structural parameters (geometry optimization) does not systematically profit from HFX admixture. Overall, the best variant r2SCAN0-D4 performs well for both main-group and organometallic thermochemistry and is better or on par with well-established global hybrid functionals such as PW6B95-D4 or PBE0-D4. Regarding systems prone to self-interaction errors (SIE4x4), r2SCAN0-D4 shows reasonable performance, reaching the quality of the range-separated wB97X-V functional. Accordingly, r2SCAN0-D4 in combination with a sufficiently converged basis set (def2-QZVP(P)) represents a robust and reliable choice for general use in the calculation of thermochemical properties of both, main-group and organometallic chemistry.

Version notes

Additional description of the applied parameterization strategy and reworked figures and tables.


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