An infectious virus-like particle built on a programmable icosahedral DNA framework


  • Yang Yang Shanghai Jiao Tong University ,
  • Yunyun Xu Shanghai Jiao Tong University ,
  • Yuhe Yang National Center for Nanoscience and Technology & Scripps Research Institute ,
  • Qian Shi Shanghai Jiao Tong University ,
  • Andrew Ward Scripps Research Institute ,
  • Wei Wang Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Viral genomes can be compressed into a near spherical nanochamber to form infected particles. In order to mimic the virus morphology and packaging behavior, we invented a programmable icosahedral DNA nanoframe with enhanced rigidity and encapsulated the phiX174 bacteriophage genome. The packaging efficiency could be modulated through specific anchoring strands adjustment, and the enveloped phage genome remained accessible for enzymatic operations. Moreover, the packed complex could infect E. coli cells through bacterial uptake then produce plaques. This rigid icosahedral DNA architecture established a versatile platform to develop virus mimetic particles for convenient nucleic acid entrapment, manipulation and delivery.