Organic Chemistry

An Unexpected Dual-Emissive Luminogen: Tunable Aggregation-Induced Emission with Cyan-White-Red Colors, Stable Inherent Chirality, and Enhanced Chiroptical Property



Herein we report a novel chiral bismacrocycle with unexpected dual emission and tunable aggregation-induced emission colors. A facile four-step synthesis strategy is developed to construct this rigid bismacrocycle, (1,4)[8]cycloparaphenylenophane (SCPP[8]), which possesses a 1,2,4,5-tetraphenylbenzene core locked by two intersecting polyphenylene-based macrocycles. The luminescent behavior of SCPP[8] shows the unique characteristics of both aggregation-caused quenching effect and aggrega-tion-induced emission (AIE) effect, inducing remarkable redshift emission including near white-light emission. SCPP[8] is configurationally stable and possesses a novel shape-persistent bismacrocycle scaffold with a high strain energy (up to 127.83 kcal/mol). In addition, SCPP[8] displays enhanced circularly polarized luminescence properties due to AIE effect.


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