Synthesis and Characterization of Novel PEPPSI type Pd–BICAAC Complexes



A series of bicyclic alkylamino carbenes (BICAAC) (where N-aryl = dipp, mes, 2,6-dimethyl-4-(dimethylamino)phenyl, 5a-d) and their novel air- and moisture-resistant pyridine (pyridine, 4 dimethylaminopyridine) containing palladium PEPPSI-type Pd(II) complexes (6a-e) were synthetized and characterized. The new palladium complexes have shown high activity in Mizoroki–Heck coupling reaction even at as low as 100 ppm loading (TON up to 10000). Kinetic studies revealed that reactions carried out in the presence of elemental mercury resulted in decrease in activity. It indicates that the coupling reaction may have both molecular and Pd(0)-mediated catalytic paths.


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Supplementary material

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Supporting Information - Synthesis and Characterization of Novel PEPPSI type Pd– BICAAC Complexes
Supporting Information containing the description of synthetic procedures, catalytic reactions, the results of analytc measurements (NMR, HRMS, XRD).