Materials Science

Towards AquaSun practical utilization: strong adhesion and lack of ecotoxicity of solar-driven antifouling sol-gel coating



The outcomes of adhesion and ecotoxicity tests carried out on metal specimens faithfully representing the surface of real ships, including the primer and tie coat layers typically applied on ship hull prior to deposition of the antifouling paint, show the practical applicability of "AquaSun" antifouling sol-gel coatings. Newly developed AquaSun coatings share superhydrophicity (contact angle >115) and exceptionally high scratch resistance (ASTM 5B). Coupled to the ecofriendly antifouling mechanism based on continuous H2O2 formation upon exposure to solar light and foul release due to low surface energy, these results open the route to the practical utilization of these novel marine coatings.

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The Author list now correctly includes also in the home page of the study co-Author Dr. C. Scolaro


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