Inorganic Chemistry

Modulating Photo- and Radioluminescence in Tb(III) Cluster-Based Metal–Organic Frameworks



Luminescent metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) are of interest for sensing, theranostics, dosimetry, and other applications. The use of lanthanoids in MOF metal nodes allows for intrinsic met-al-based luminescence. In this work, a facile route for modulat-ing the photoluminescent and radioluminescent properties of Tb(III)-based MOFs is reported. By using Tb(III)-cluster nodes as X-ray attenuators, and organic linkers with varying excited state energies as sensitizers, MOFs with metal-based, linker-based, and metal+linker-based photo- and radioluminescence are reported.


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Experimental details, crystallographic details, materials characterization, photo- and radioluminescence emission spectra