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Electrochemical Synthesis of Allylic Amines from Alkenes and Amines



Allylic amines are valuable synthetic targets en route to diverse biologically active amine products. Current allylic C–H amination strate-gies remain limited with respect to the viable N-substituents. Herein we disclose a new electrochemical process to prepare aliphatic allylic amines by coupling two abundant starting materials: secondary amines and unactivated alkenes. This oxidative transformation proceeds via electrochemical generation of an electrophilic adduct between thianthrene and the alkene substrates. Treatment of these adducts with aliphatic amine nucleophiles and base provides allylic amine products in high yield. This synthetic strategy is also amenable to functionali-zation of feedstock gaseous alkenes at 1 atmosphere. In the case of 1-butene, remarkable Z-selective crotylation is observed. This strategy, however, is not limited to the synthesis of simple building blocks; complex biologically active molecules are suitable as both alkene and amine coupling partners. Preliminary mechanistic studies implicate vinylthianthrenium salts as key reactive intermediates.


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