Process for coating surfaces with a copolymer made from sulfur and dicyclopentadiene


The reaction between sulfur and dicyclopentadiene was optimised to form a shelf stable and soluble low molecular weight oligomer. After a simple curing process at 140 °C the material was rendered insoluble and resistant to acids and solvents. Taking advantage of the soluble oligomer, a metal surface was coated with the dissolved material which was then cured to show that a copolymer layer can act as a corrosion resistant material. Further, silica gel was coated with the soluble oligomer to test mercury removal applications. Even after curing, the polymer coated silica was an effective mercury sorbent. Additionally, the sorbent was also used to remove mercury form a diesel and water mixture indicating that mercury removal from a mixture of organic and aqueous substances is possible with this system.


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