New Insights on the Self-Assembly of Bio-sourced Block Copolymer MH-b-PS in Aqueous Solutions: Nanocorals, Cubosomes & Nanocubes


  • Yomen Atassi Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology & HIAST, Damascus, Syria ,
  • Redouane Borsali CERMAV, Grenoble & Grenoble Alpes University


Polymer self-assembly in solution still constitutes a simple methodology for the preparation of elegant yet sophisticated nanomaterials. This work aims at presenting how the fine tuning of the experimental parameters of the nanoprecipitation process can lead to a variety of novel morphologies ranging from nanocorals through cubosomes to nanocubes. A carbohydrate dibloc copolymer with a simple and linear structure MH1.2k-b-PS2.3 has been used as a model to illustrate the formation of these new self-assemblies. This is the first time that nanocube morphology has been generated using this type of bio-sourced co-polymer in aqueous solution and at room temperature.


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