Polymer Science

Sequence-complementarity dependent co-assembly of phosphodiester-linked aromatic donor-acceptor trimers



Development of the interplay between monomer sequence and supramolecular chemistry is critical if chemistry is to recapitulate the properties of proteins and nucleic acids in the synthetic world. We have created sequenced trimers of aromatic donor/acceptor units which participate in charge-transfer interactions, linked by phosphodiesters. Each sequence displays its own characteristic self-assembly, and moreover complementary sequences interact with each other to produce new nanostructures and emergent thermochromism. This finding paves the way towards new functional nanomaterials which make bio-analogous use of sequence to tune structure.


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Supplementary material

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Supplementary information for DAN/NDI trimers manuscript
Details of synthesis, molecular characterisation, AFM, TEM, and molecular modelling.

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