Preparation of [email protected] core-shell nanosheets for enhanced photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutions



TiO2-based nanosheets materials with core-shell structure are expected to be one of the promising photocatalysts to degradation of organic pollutions. However, it is a challenge to synthesis of TiO2 shell on functional core materials by desired nucleation and growth process. Layered double hydroxides (LDHs) are considered as ideal platforms to in-situ grow TiO2 and further serve as additional components to construct heterojunction to improve the separation of photo-generated charge carriers. In this work, we report the design and fabrication of anatase TiO2 coated ZnAl-layered double oxide ([email protected]) nanosheets, which involves the in-situ growth of TiO2 on ZnAl-LDH followed by a subsequent calcination treatment. The resulting [email protected] photocatalyst gives typical core-shell nanosheets morphology with mesoporous structure, which exhibiting excellent photodegradation and mineralization efficiency for organic pollutions.


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SEM, TEM, XRD of comparison samples