Biological and Medicinal Chemistry

A non-radioactive mass spectrometry based differential radial capillary action of ligand assay (DRaCALA) to assess ligand binding to proteins



Binding of ligands to macromolecules changes their physicochemical characteristics. Cyclic di-GMP and other cyclic di-nucleotides are second messengers involved in motility/sessility and acute/chronic infection life style transition. Although the GGDEF domain encoding preferentially a diguanylate cyclase represents one of the most abundant bacterial domain superfamilies, the number of cyclic di-GMP receptors falls short. To facilitate screening for cyclic di-nucleotide binding proteins, we describe a non-radioactive, MALDI-TOF based modification of the widely applied differential radial capillary action of ligand assay (DRaCALA). The results of this assay suggest that YciRFec101, but not the YciRTOB1 variant of the diguanylate cyclase/phosphodiesterase YciR binds cyclic di-GMP.


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