Organic Chemistry

Electrochemistry Enabled Selective Vicinal Fluorosulfenylation and Fluorosulfoxidation of Alkenes



Both sulfur and fluorine play important roles in organic synthesis, the life science, and materials science. The direct incorporation of these elements into organic scaffolds with precise control of the oxidation states of sulfur moieties is of great significance. Herein, we report the highly selective electrochemical vicinal fluorosulfenylation and fluorosulfoxidation reactions of alkenes, which were enabled by the unique ability of electrochemistry to dial in the potentials on demand. Preliminary mechanistic investigations revealed that the fluorosulfenylation reaction proceeded through a radical-polar crossover mechanism involving a key episulfonium ion intermediate. Subsequent electrochemical oxidation of fluorosulfides to fluorosulfoxides were readily achieved under a higher applied potential with the adventitious H2O in the reaction mixture.


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Supplementary material

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Supporting Information
Supplemental Information is available and includes description of reaction setups, synthesis procedures, compounds characterization methods and data, spectra, cyclic voltammograms, and crystallographic information (CIF) files.