The Preservation of English Oak in Marine Environments


This study compares the chemical integrity of English Oak (Quercus robur) samples with an age range of four centuries by analysing the lignin degradation. The samples were collected from four historic British vessels and thus represent samples of diverse ages which have nonetheless experienced similar non-arboreal environments. We conclude that the Mary Rose, the oldest vessel studied and the recipient of the most intensive conservation efforts, has been well-preserved through treatment with PEG, and we present a baseline for assessing whether a ship hasbeen biologically degraded. The work combines quantitative analytic chemistry techniques (e.g., THM-GC-MS) with the conservation of large historic artifacts.

Version notes

Minor edits to manuscript following review, addition of dataset in non-proprietary format.


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Dataset for Marine Wood Paper
Raw data files in .D and .AIA formats, lab book pages and spreadsheet showing calculations.