Materials Science

Copper/nickel-Decorated Olive Pit Biochar: One Pot Solid State Synthesis for Environmental Remediation


Olive pit powder particles were impregnated with copper and nickel nitrates and pyrolyzed at 400 °C. The resulting material consists of bimetallic CuNi-decorated biochar. CuNi nanocatalysts were found to be as small as 10 nm and very well dispersed over biochar. XRD results evidenced zero valent copper and nickel and formation of copper-nickel solid solutions.The [email protected] was found to be efficient catalyst of the reduction of methyl orange (MO) dye, taken as model pollutant.
To sum up, the one pot method devised in this work provided unique CuNi-decorated biochar and opens new horizons for the emerging topic of biochar-supported nanocatalysts.

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