Inorganic Chemistry

Elucidation of Charge Contribution in Iridium-Chelated Hydrogen-Bonding Systems

Barry Blight University of New Brunswick


We present two iridium complexes 1H+ and 2H+ 9 that contain cationic ligands to extend the knowledge 10 of charge-assisted hydrogen bonding (CAHB), which counts among the strongest non-covalent 11 bonding interactions. Upon protonation, both complexes were converted into new hydrogen-bonding 12 arrays with various selectivity for respective H-bonding partners. This study compares the association 13 strengths of four hydrogen-bonding co-systems, emphasizing the roles of CAHB in supramolecular systems. We determined that the cationic charge in these systems contributed up to 2.7 kJ mol-1 14 in the 15 H-bonding complexation processes

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