Inorganic Chemistry

Nickel(II) Salicylaldiminates: Re-Visiting a Classic


A series of Ni(II) trinuclear complexes, [Ni3(sala-X)6] (sala-X = o-[(p-X-phenylimino)methyl]phenol; X = Br 1-Br, Me 1-Me and OMe 1-OMe), have been prepared and fully characterised. X-ray crystallographic studies reveal that the complexes are composed of three face-sharing octahedral Ni(II) metal ions bridged by the phenoxide oxygens of the sala-X ligands. Magnetic studies indicate that the magnetic Ni(II) centres are ferromagnetically coupled with the substituent group having only a minor impact on the magnitude of coupling. DFT calculations also support ferromagnetic coupling with smaller Ni-O-Ni angles leading to slightly larger coupling constants in line with previous studies.


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