Microwave-assisted Automated Glycan Assembly


Automated synthesis of DNA, RNA, and peptides provides quickly and reliably important tools for biomedical research. Automated glycan assembly (AGA) is significantly more challenging as highly branched carbohydrates require strict regio- and stereocontrol during synthesis. A new AGA synthesizer enables rapid temperature adjustment from -40 °C to +100 °C to control glycosylations at low temperature and accelerates capping, protecting group removal, and glycan modifications by using elevated temperatures. Thereby, the temporary protecting group portfolio is extended from two to four orthogonal groups that give rise to oligosaccharides with up to four branches. In addition, sulfated glycans and unprotected glycans can be prepared. The new design reduces the typical coupling cycles from 100 min to 60 min while expanding the range of accessible glycans. The instrument drastically shorten and generalizes the synthesis of carbohydrates for use in biomedical and material science.

Version notes

These authors contributed equally: José Danglad-Flores, Sabrina Leichnitz, Eric T. Sletten.


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