Light-Mediated Cross-Coupling of Anomeric Trifluoroborates


Stereoselective reactions at the anomeric carbon constitute the cornerstone of preparative carbohydrate chemistry. Here, we report the synthesis of axial C1 trifluoroborates and stereoselective C-arylation and etherification reactions under photoredox conditions. These reactions are characterized by high anomeric selectivities for 2-deoxysugars and broad substrate scope (24 examples), including disaccharides and trifluoroborates with free hydroxyl groups. Computational studies show that high axial selectivities for these reactions originate from a combination of kinetic anomeric effect of the intermediate C1 radical and stereoelectronic stabilization of Ni(III) through the metallo-anomeric effect. Taken together, this new class of carbohydrate reagents adds the palette of anomeric nucleophile reagents suitable for efficient installation C-C and Cheteroatom bonds.