Room Temperature Synthesis of Cu-BTC Coordination Polymer and Metal-Organic Framework by pH Control


Synthesis of crystalline materials is crucial in the field of
coordination chemistry. In the present work, the reaction
between the copper and benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxylic acid
(BTC) ligand is controlled by adjusting the pH of the
reaction mixture to synthesize two crystalline structures:
metal-organic framework HKUST-1 and one-dimensional
coordination polymer Cu(BTC).3H2O. Single crystals of both
structures are studied by multi-laser Raman spectroscopy.
It is found that both crystals exhibit photoluminescence.
Also, the transformation of HKUST-1 into Cu(BTC).3H2O is
demonstrated. This work provides impetus for researchers
to synthesize large metal-organic crystals.


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