Enantioselective Construction of Trialkyl Tertiary Centers via Ni-Catalyzed Markovnikov Hydrocarbofunctionalizations of Unactivated Olefins and Electrophiles


Routes to efficient construction of fully aliphatic substituted tertiary chiral centers are highly challenging and desirable. Herein, a Ni-catalyzed enantioselective hydroalkylation of unactivated alkenes at room temperature is described, providing a general and practical access to tertiary stereogenic carbon centers with three alkyl substituents. This reaction involves the regio- and stereoselective hydrometalation of unactivated alkenes with Markovnikov selectivity, followed by coupling with unactivated alkyl electrophiles to access tertiary chiral centers with full alkyl substituents. The mild and robust conditions enable the use of terminal and internal unactivated alkenes as well as primary and secondary unactivated alkyl, benzyl, propargyl halides for the construction of diverse trialkyl tertiary stereogenic carbon centers with broad functional group tolerance.


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