Analytical Chemistry

Time-Dependent Influence of High Glucose Environment on the Metabolism of Neuronal Immortalized Cells



In this work the effect of glucose concentration on the metabolome of living hippocampal HN9.10e neurons was studied. This cell line represents a reliable, in vitro model of one of the most vulnerable regions of central nervous system. Targeted metabolites were analyzed in the cell culture medium by two direct methods, namely liquid chromatography – diode array detection and headspace – solid phase micro extraction – gas chromatography – mass spectrometry. Twenty-two metabolites were simultaneously identified and quantified in the growth medium of the cells, treated with 25, 50 or 75 mM glucose, sampled along 8 days to mimic a prolonged hyperglycemia. The results of statistical analysis showed the clear impairment of neuronal metabolism already after 48 hours, represented by a significant reduction of the metabolic activity.


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