Organic Chemistry

Supramolecular Alloys from Fluorinated Hybrid [4+6] Imine Cages



To create innovative materials, efficient control and engineering of pore sizes and their characteristics, crystallinity and stability is required. Eight hybrid [4+6] imine cages with a tuneable degree of fluorination and one fully fluorinated [4+6] imine cage are investigated. Although the fluorinated and the non-fluorinated building blocks used herein differ vastly in reactivity, we are able to gain control over the outcome of the self-assembly process, by carefully controlling the feed ratio. This represents the first hybrid material based on fluorinated/hydrogenated porous organic cages (POCs). These alloys with unlimited miscibility in the solid state were obtained as highly crystalline samples after recrystallization and even showed retention of the crystal lattice. All alloys and the fully fluorinated [4+6] imine cage were analysed by MALDI-MS, SCXRD, PXRD and in regards to thermal stability (TGA).


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