Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Exploring Chemical Reaction Space With Reaction Difference Fingerprints and Parametric t-SNE



Humans prefer visual representations for the analysis of large databases. In this work, we suggest a method for the visualization of the chemical reaction space. Our technique uses the t-SNE approach that is parameterized by a deep neural network (parametric t-SNE). We demonstrated that the parametric t-SNE combined with reaction difference fingerprints can provide a tool for the projection of chemical reactions onto a low-dimensional manifold for easy exploration of reaction space. We showed that the global reaction landscape, been projected onto a 2D plane, corresponds well with already known reaction types. The application of a pretrained parametric t-SNE model to new reactions allows chemists to study these reactions on a global reaction space. We validated the feasibility of this approach for two marketed drugs: darunavir and oseltamivir. We believe that our method can help explore reaction space and inspire chemists to find new reactions and synthetic ways.

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