Organic Chemistry

Unified Synthesis of Polycyclic Alkaloids via Complementary Carbonyl Activation



A complementary dual carbonyl activation strategy for the
synthesis of polycyclic alkaloids has been developed. Successful applications include the synthesis of tetracyclic alkaloids harmalanine, harmalacinine, pentacyclic indoloquinolizidine alkaloid nortetoyobyrine, and octacyclic β-carboline alkaloid peganumine A. The latter synthesis features a protecting-group-free assembly and an asymmetric disulfonimide catalyzed cyclization. Furthermore, formal syntheses of hirsutine, deplancheine, 10-desbromoarborescidine A, and oxindole alkaloids rhynchophylline and isorhynchophylline have been achieved. Finally, a concise synthesis of berberine alkaloid ilicifoline B was completed.


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